HIEDB encourages collaborative partnerships between private industry and educational institutions. Our work in this arena has been groundbreaking. HIEDB has captured funding to support innovation and educational initiatives that benefit Hawaii Island.


K – 12

Hawaii Island has 42 public schools, 12 charter schools and 17 private schools.  Public schools may be located by clicking here. Hawaii’s Department of Education has undertaken a five-year project to ensure all public schools are accredited to foster excellence and encourage school improvement.

Click here to locate schools that are members of the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools.


Hawaii Community College

Hawaii Community College Manono Campus (Hilo) celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2011. HCC has provided access to higher education opportunities, trained a skilled workforce and supported economic development of the County.

A new Hawaii Community College Palamanui Campus (Kona) is under construction and plans to open its doors to students in the fall of 2014.


University of Hawaii Hilo

In addition to its fully accredited undergraduate program, UH Hilo offers a wide range of graduate and professional programs and emphasizes practical learning and applied research. Its 4,100 students rank UH Hilo among the most diverse campuses nationwide.