HIEDB Celebrating 30 Years (1984-2014)

MAHALO to all who joined us at HIEDB’s Annual Meeting and 30th Anniversary Luncheon on Wed, Feb 19th at Nani Mau Gardens & Restaurant
Keynote Speaker: Rick Blangiardi, Hawai`i News Now

Aloha and Welcome!

Hawai‘i Island Economic Development Board Inc. is a private non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporation registered in the State of Hawai‘i since August 1984.

Our Mission: To provide and promote private sector support and expertise for balanced growth in Hawai‘i County in partnership with Federal, State, County and private resources.

We nurture sustainable growth and development of our place, people, and products of Hawai‘i Island in balance with the diverse and unique resources of our island home and always respectful of our native culture.

‘O wau no me ka ha’aha’a
Jacqui Hoover
Executive Director
HIEDB.org | Hawai’i Island Economic Development Board
117 Keawe St Hilo HI 96720
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