Hawai`i County GMO Bill #113

FINAL hearing for GMO Bill #113 is TUESDAY, Nov 5th at 2:00 p.m. The Council will meet in Hilo, but testimony available from any of the satellite locations in Kona, Waimea, Ocean View, or Pahoa.


HIEDB is submitting testimony -

On behalf of the Hawaii Island Economic Development Board (HIEDB) and its one hundred twenty (120) members and affiliates, we respectfully request and strongly support deferral of Bill Number 113 (Draft 3), “An Ordinance amending Chapter 14 of the Hawaii County Code 1983 (2005 Edition, As Amended) by Adding a New Article Relating to Genetically Engineered Crops and Plants”. 

We also respectfully request that a task force of stakeholders including and not limited to,  farmers and experts in the field be convened to research, study and recommend how Hawai`i Island can achieve its goals of comprehensive agriculture in support of food self-sufficiency and food security.

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